I'm James Humecky, the Somatic Pleasure Artist.

Ready for a new perspective on new age bullshit?

My enigmatic presence disrupts the dance of conformity with a profound blend of playfulness and philosophical depth.

With over two decades of experience as a Somatic Educator, Therapist, and Pleasure Artist, I craft a symphony of self-awareness through movement, touch, and mindfulness, drawing from a wealth of global wisdom acquired from his travels across diverse landscapes.

Former Marine turned maestro of somatic self-discovery, my mission is to cultivate a Global Consciousness (Re)evolution, translating the forgotten language of the body into a tapestry of sensation-based awareness, inviting individuals to embrace life's myriad shades with hedonistic fervor while fostering trust, safety, and reciprocity in a world envisioned as a joyous exploration of energetic currency.

Let's go, baby!

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