My approach centers on Somatic Awareness: simple methods for releasing deep tension patterns in the body and creating a deeper understanding of your body as a holistic organism, which leads us to Self-Mastery.

A unique and dynamic approach to cultivating powerful, body-centered self-awareness.

I train you in simple methods for releasing deep tension patterns in the body, creating more awareness of the body as a holistic organism.

We'll work with:

  • Breath & regulation of the nervous system
  • Movement & engagement of the body
  • Mindfulness & revealing the subconscious
  • Touch & focusing connection

The four levels of Somatic Awareness and Self-Mastery:

  • Awareness: Conscious knowledge of habitual patterns
  • Discernment: Capacity to self-evaluate and learn new patterns
  • Resilience: Ability to maintain equilibrium
  • Agility: Freedom of choice

We become aware of our habits, learn new ways of doing things, strengthen our ability to maintain balance, and finally develop physical and emotional autonomy.

Diving Deeper

The best of “us” is overshadowed by layers of conditioning and patterning, stemming from our history, societal morays, family, and belief systems.

At the very least, this creates a deep discontent. At worst, we suffer from varying levels of emotional and/or physical trauma.

I am here to help you see that you are NOT broken.

We are simply so pinned to stories from our past that we cannot imagine a different way of being or a brighter future.

The way through this is becoming completely aware and present. Through this work we learn to engage the deepest part of our nature where we can begin to release whatever no longer serves us with the result of gaining autonomy and authority over our bodies and our lives.

Learn more about my core principles.

“Our own living bodies also are interactions with their environments. Animal bodies – including ours – sense themselves, and thereby we sense the interactional living we are. In sensing ourselves, our bodies sense our physical environment and our inter-human situations.”

~ On Felt Sense – Gendlin